Recovering Zip Files

Zip archives have become very popular in recent years as an effective way of storing and distributing files. Using any of the available Zip utilities such as WinZip or PKZip you can organize your files and compress them to save disk space and traffic. But you should be aware of two things: zip archive could be corrupted and you will loose all files (Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket) and you can accidentally loose or forget the password you've used to protect the archive.

In our FAQ section we have told about known plaintext attack as one of the methods of unprotecting zip archives. Zip Key is the right tool to use trying to recover lost zip password. It handles Known Plaintext attack, Dictionary attack, Brute-Force and Xieve Optimization attacks. It also can decrypt files created using WinZip (not PKZip or any other tool) running SureZip attack. But you must realize that all trial and error methods take much time and for Known Plaintext attack and SureZip some additional conditions are required. So it is better to use hard to find but easy to remember password.

But what about corrupted files? Is there any way to repair the archive? You can try ZipRecovery - data recovery program for corrupted Zip archives. This tool is very easy to use and shows good recovery rate.

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