Password Recovery FAQ

Q. Is there an easy and safe way to disable Win XP admin password?

You can disable Windows XP (as well as Windows NT/2000) administrator password using Windows Setup CD (or set of bootable floppies) and Windows Key - this tool creates a floppy with winkey.sys driver on it which can be loaded as additional storage driver during Windows Setup process loads its files. Windows Key will start its work before Windows Setup and your Windows installation will not become modifyed. All the proccess has been checked many times and no problems were found.

Q. How can I recover WinZip password using Known plaintext attack?

Ok. First of all you can't recover WinZip password using known plaintext attack. Not very optimistic, isn't it? Don't worry. Known plaintext attack still can help you to get your files outta this old protected zip archive. All what you need is a copy of one file from this archive and password recovery software that handles known plaintext attack. Where you can find it? There are few programs available (Zip Key from Passware for example). As for the file copy you can try searching your local hard drive or your archive can contain common files you can find elsewhere. Please note that you should compress plaintext file using the same version of PKZip/WinZip as was originally used. The software will simply decrypt the archive and you will get access to its content needlessly to enter the password.

There are other ways of removing WinZip protection. Read more about Brute-Force, Xieve Optimization and Dictionary search. Zip password recovery tool we have mentioned above (Zip Key) can also decrypt WinZip file using SureZip attack. Give it a try.

Q. What is user-level security in MS Access?

MS Access features two different types of passwords: database passwords and user-level security passwords. Database password protects your base from opening. User-level security determines user's permissions. Permissions information for all the objects in the database is stored in WorkGroup Information file (aka System Database). Database password can be retrieved form .mdb file and user names and their passwords from .mdw files. More

Q. Is it possible to recover Lotus Notes User ID password?

Yes. Lotus Notes Key can recover passwords for Lotus Notes User ID files. It uses Brute Force and works pretty fast (much faster than freeware tools such as "Notes Password Cracker").

Q. Any chance recovering password for old Lotus 1-2-3 file? Or other Lotus software?

Yep. Here you are.

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