Password Recovery FAQ

Q. How to unprotect MS Office Excel or Word files?

You can use Office Key to recover passwords for Microsoft Office documents. This software collection includes modules for Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and Visual Basic For Applications modules. Another option is Office Key Light - this software works only with Word and Excel. This tools use brute-force and other methods to find the password. Not only file open password could be recovered but also write reservation, workbook and worksheet protection passwords, form and document protection passwords.

If the password is too long and you dont have time to wait check Decryptum - : Instant online recovery service for password protected MS Word and Excel files. You can preview the content of encrypted file online foir free.

Q. I'm moving on new PC. How can I export e-mail account password stored in outlook?

Outlook Express (as well as MS Outlook) stores e-mail account passwords in registry. You can start regedit and select HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager in the left-hand pane. Then from the menu select Registry | Export Registry File and save it with .reg extension. You can now copy this file to another PC and restore account settings by clicking on .reg file. If you want to decrypt the password you can use either Outlook Express Key or MS Outlook Key. Both programs work instantly and recovers passwords for any chosen account. Outlook Express Key can recover Identity account as well. MS Outlook Key recovers passwords for personal storage files .pst and form passwords.

Q. Windows XP build-in Administrator account has been disabled. Any workaround?

Safe Mode. Yep. Boot in Safe Mode and you will be able to login and enable this account.

To do it you should press and hold the F8 key after the Power On Self Test is complete and select the option to boot in Safe Mode (if we are talking about Windows 2000 or XP).

If you forget the password for this old administrator account you can reset it using Windows XP/2000/NT Key. This tool has also been developed by Passware.

Enabling account is simple. Once you are logged in click with the right mouse button on the "My computer" icon, select "Manage|Local Users and Groups|Users" and one more right mouse click on account name. Now you can unselect "disabled" option.

Q. How to disable Content Advisor in Internet Explorer?

You can read on the Microsoft website that "The Content Advisor provides parents enhanced control over what content their children can view on the Internet." Also it can simply lock you out of the entire Internet in case you forget the password. Internet Explorer Key will not recover the original password. It will generate new one you can use to disable the Content Advisor. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then click the Content tab. In the Content Advisor area, click Disable and enter the password (it is better to use Copy and Paste).

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